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My guiding principle when directing for staged performance is to find a balance between honest storytelling and creative interpretation. I believe in the collaboration process and seek producers and designers that also push the ideas of convention. The audience plays an interactive part in my productions, even if they are not aware that they too have been incorporated into my vision.


I enjoy directing both drama and musicals. I am drawn to projects that allow for re-imagining modern classics. I also enjoy a successful track record with women's productions. My skill set allows me to build new work and thrive in collaborative high concept productions.

The Children's Hour

The Crucible

The Insanity of Mary Gerard

The Crucible
The Crucible
The Insanity of Mary Girard
The Insanity of Mary Girard
The Children's Hour_edited
The Children's Hour
The Children's Hour

I enjoy the complex environment that film work requires. Directing Not Dead Yet  was fulfilling as I was able to blend my theatre directing skill set and language into a new conversation with the film DP and crew.  It was a privilege directing this wonderful film. I found the message in the script and the original music truly touching. The adventure of the film festival circuit was also full of wonderful suprises and exciting results. Having directed my own award winning feature, I now find myself working as a Directors Consultant on projects like Bucksville, directed by Chel White. In this role directors and producers trust my guidance and expertise with their creative visions. It is creative mentoring and project collaboration on a whole new level.


Not Dead Yet - Trailer

Bucksville - Trailer

Sam and Susan Hess on NDY set
Not Dead Yet shooting
not dead yet logo.jpg
Not Dead Yet
Not Dead Yet
Not Dead Yet
Sam Hull on set of Bucksville Director Consultant and Acting Coach
director sam hull on the set of Not Dead Yet.jpg
Thomas Stropple star of Bucksville

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Managing Artistic Director

advancing women artists through knowledge building, exposure, and support

ARTemis's mission has the power to do more than just advance the woman artist through knowledge-building, exposure, and support.

Life imitates art and art imitates life. To raise the equality of women globally, we need to increase the presence and the participation of women in the arts, which will lead to more leadership roles and the sharing of more female ideologies and forms of expression.

What we know for a fact is that although in the US over 50% of the population self-identifies as female, in art women’s voices are drastically underrepresented. In the visual arts, less than 28% of solo exhibits in museums feature women artists. In film, only 326 of the 1565 director, producer, and content writer jobs are held by women. In the music industry, it is widely reported that more than 95% of the producers and engineers are men, leaving only 5% of positions held by women. This means that the artistic messages being promoted and consumed by our society are largely shaped by male voices and interests.

Without the equal participation of women’s voices in the arts, our society is filled with a skewed "male" dominated view of life. Intentionally or unintentionally these views can be misogynistic. Women are portrayed as secondary. Women are objectified. Women are victimized. Women are held in traditional roles. Women are rendered voiceless.

Circular patterns historically find women stifled in the arts, in education, in political representation, and in financial means. We live in a society where the majority of decisions and laws pertaining to women's health are made by men. The voice of half of our society has been marginalized for the entirety of our country’s existence.
To help support the work being done to raise women’s health, education, and financial status, it is necessary to raise how women participate and are portrayed in the arts – and therefore in society. A balance is long overdue. How our society is expressed in the arts can affect the generations to come, which can lead to social justice, the alleviation of poverty, representation both visually and verbally of underrepresented peoples and a quality of life improvement for everyone. Our art simply needs to be inclusive of women equally to that of men.


To increase the voice and presence of women in the arts, ARTemis:


  • Prepares women artists mentally and professionally to step up into more prominent roles in the arts.

  • Connects women artists to the funding and means necessary to bring women-create arts to a larger audience.

  • Provides means to increase the awareness, reach, and consumption of women created and focused arts (70 mile program).

  • Teaches men, non-artistic women, universities and producing organizations about the importance of equal representation and how bringing equality is beneficial, not harmful, to business.

"The thing that serves Sam so well is his theatre background. His ability to comprehend layers and bring them together without bothering you about how they got there - is remarkable"


Three-time Emmy Nominee David Ogden Stiers

" Sam is the consumate performance enhancing actor whisperer'


Laura McGie, Producer/Writer, Bucksville


"Sam wields his creativity with a confidence and control that make working with him a joy. He's capable of whimsy, historical accuracy, true elegance, and art for art's sake, that I personally find refreshing in a field where it's so easy to get lost in excess. He is as wonderful a guide through the creative process, as he is a receptive collaborator. Don't limit yourself to what you know... take Sam's hand and walk out into a world of options... you won't regret it!"

Tim Kent, Award Winning Designer, St. Louis, MO

"Working with Sam provided me with a moment to moment awareness and subtlety that gave me new insight into the role. His attention to detail and honesty made him invaluable. To this day Sam continues to be an asset in my professional life."


Thomas Stropple, Actor

Best Actor - Winner

Madrid International Film Festival

 I would work with Sam anytime."

Chanda Hall, Artistic Diretor of

Staged Musical Theatre Company

Portland, Oregon

 I find Sam direct, knowledgeable and easy to work with. He is able to communicate what he wants from you as an actor, and always goes above and beyond to get whatever job is presented before him completed. I would work with Sam in a heartbeat on any project in any capacity."

Betty Moyer, Actress, Oregon / LA

"Sam Hull was a tremendous asset to our production because of his ability to get performances out of the actors. When time is limited and the crew is waiting, communicating the essential information necessary for an actor to deliver believable performances is crucial. Sam did that without creating a sense of pressure for the performers or crew, managing to keep the tone light-hearted.  Not Dead Yet succeeds and a big part of that is thanks to Sam."

Susan Hess Logeais, Executive Producer, Not Dead Yet

"Sam is an extremely talented artist, well versed in all facets of creativity. He has been pivotal in my growth as an artist. I owe who I am today to Sam."

Jaki King, Writer/Producer

Portland, Oregon


Stage or Film


Available for freelance and contract jobs

Drama or Musical






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